Health/Well Being

The need for wellness and mental health for black Santa Monica residents Considering the overwhelming trauma that all blacks face as a result of ancestral oppression, black Santa Monica residents are no different in the need for healing and support. The current racial climate has drawn attention to the damage of inequality that systemic racism ensues. With specific matters to Santa Monica such as gentrification, higher homelessness rates for blacks, higher police brutality rates for blacks, and lower high school graduation rates for blacks to name a few; it is the duty of the community to acknowledge and combat the damaging impact it has had on the well-being of blacks in Santa Monica. The Black Agenda has comprised the following framework to approach these needs through Mental health and Wellness.

Mental Health

CBT, Positive intervention tools, Trauma informed therapist, Science of well- being, Available resources

Wellness Yoga/breath-work; Meditation; Arts (Visual & Performance); Healing Garden; Peace Circle discussions; Healthy lifestyle – exercise, nutrition, nature and sleep; Faith based resources

The Black Agenda is committed to engaging in this growth with the following priorities:

Black male population (suicide increase)

Formerly incarcerated


Youth (K-College)


Foster kids’



  1. Within our highly productive team of growing Black Agenda members, we could affordably create a diverse resource of wellness opportunities to fit the needs of our local residents.
  2. The City of Santa Monica has community spaces that could be used to foster activities of wellness specific to black residents young and old. Classes and activities in special areas like yoga for black youth; meditation for black males, visual art for black LGBT that could at times include our non-black allies, are just a few examples of how this space could be used and how the City could be an asset to the wellness of black residents in Santa Monica.
  3. With the partnerships and support of the following outside services – SM education foundation, LADMH, Tech firms, SM ecosystem, and Faith based organizations; These opportunities could be further developed.