• Send members out as potential applicants for apartment rental to experience how they are treated.
  • Compile a list of vacancies
  •  Current Tenant- Establish Rent to own units for tenants currently living in their units.
  •  Create and or make available Rent to own option single family homes for low-moderate income.
  •  Implement PUBLIC EMPLOYEE HOUSING- Low income- affordable and moderate. housing for those who work, in Santa Monica. (ie: Miramar project and other developments).
  • As stated in the Santa Monica’s 2013-2021 Housing Element the city must reinforced its commitment to affordable housing and provided policies and programs to:
  • Reinforce Land Use and Circulation Element (LUCE) policies to develop complete neighborhoods in mixed-use areas adjacent to transit opportunities and services, Complement LUCE policies for enhancing and preserving the community’s character,
  • Identify strategies for expanding housing opportunities and services for all household types and income groups,
  • Protect housing affordability and the rights of current tenants under state and local laws, and
  • Provide the primary policy guidance for local decision-making related to housing.


  • Expand Mayor of Los Angeles Hotel Room Key project- We need more than 40 beds
  • Give RVs and Vans to the homeless
  • Create a win/win relationship with the churches- Create an opportunity to grant money to churches to feed and house homeless

The housing and homelessness situation in around the country is an astronomical problem and Santa Monica is no different. We have our share of this horrific problem that is becoming even worse in this double pandemic of Covid-19 and Racism. Housing and its production are critical to the economic and social wellbeing and the vitality of the community and its residents.